Who We Are

Union Square Pizza has been family owned and operated for the past 15 years and is still going strong.

Union Square Pizza is been run by mum, dad, and their three children, so the heart felt warmth and atmosphere at the shop is evident.

The pizza shop is a located in the busy and popular Union Square Shopping Centre in West Brunswick.

The close knit family takes pride in their product and thrive to offer and provide their customers with the very best service and quality ingredients used to make the pizza and pasta.

The pizza shop still opens pastry by hand and not machines and use the old school open door oven to keep it more traditional, that’s what makes it different.

The business is pick-up and delivery only.

So what are you waiting for, get up and pick-up your phones, lap tops or touch pads to place your order, cause once you’ve had the best, you’ll forget about the rest..